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  • PEARL FISHER's Brothers, Journey to the West Alliance challenge single-machine monthly 45000

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    The collection is highly concentrated, reaching 82 per cent of the total observed data as long as there are between 10,000 and 20,000 and 30,000, and none below 10,000. In other words, there is a west travel alliance venues, single-machine monthly collection of more than 10,000, for the entire store revenue contribution, store managers eager million, another big step forward.

    It is worth noting that the top five Paradise of the Journey to the West Alliance, not a first-tier city, but a second-tier city to succeed, with the super-high collection of money, the top. It is not difficult to find that the consumption power of the new first and second tier cities is rising rapidly, and the demand for spiritual entertainment is becoming more and more huge, which is also the reason why more and more venues are chosen to expand and spread in the second and third tier cities

    Second tier city of 6 venues, the average monthly revenue of nearly 30,000! Note that this is not a special case, but an average of multiple venues! The second tier is a third-tier city, with an average of 23,000. This also proves once again the rise of the second and third tier cities. At the same time, the characteristics of the Journey to the West League play to attract players to continue coin entertainment, harvest happiness and happiness.

    Most of the target venues are adult-oriented, with an average monthly collection of 22,000 in 13 parks. This data can be seen that the West Tour Alliance because of its strong skills, need players to have a certain ability to observe the rules of the game, to find the skills, so, need players to have certain game skills. But to the player who is good at discovering the rule, one coin clearance is small, the challenge is very strong, the degree of adhesion is naturally high.

     Summary The 50% full-seat West Tour Alliance, the first single-currency challenge to JP's Grand Prix, has a low-key, introverted and unassuming presence throughout the park. With skill and excitement, the Journey to the West Alliance harvested a large number of familiar stickiness, cultivate a new customer group. Journey to the West League, sprint peak, make your venue more outstanding.

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