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  • The highest growth of 112%, happy Dalian Line in the 47 paradise record, perspective data operation logic, remove off-season effect!

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    What is the market performance of the happy Dalian Line, which arouses the strong curiosity of the industry? After several months of actual combat practice, happy Dalian line handed over a proud answer. The survey contacted 46 have been linked to the fun dalian line of paradise, through rigorous data analysis, to remove the summer effect of the impact of the data report.

    The average of 46 parks rose and fell by 21.2%. If the lottery collects 100,000 yuan a month, the average collection has risen to 121200 yuan this month, and is still growing, the effect is visible!

    Of the 46 parks,43 are on the rise, suggesting that the vast majority will be able to boost performance as a result of the joyous dalian line. Only three stores have fallen because of changes in the surrounding environment, including demolitions and mall changes. In addition to force majeure factors, under normal circumstances, the joy of Dalian Line can bring positive and positive effect on the collection of money.

    Thirty-five per cent of stores are up 10 per cent and below, but 36 per cent are in the range of 11-30 per cent, and a large proportion are growing by more than 40 per cent. Overall, the growth rate will gradually increase over time. This is because the initial entry into the venue, players because they are not familiar with the happy Dalian line, the overall growth rate is not very high, but with the understanding of the happy Dalian line, familiarity, love, stickiness is also higher, the performance growth is also increasingly obvious.

    In different levels of the city, the growth rate is indeed different. But surprisingly, third-tier cities outperformed first-tier and new first-tier cities with an absolute dark horse advantage, with 31.96 percent growth. With the support of policy and the transfer of consumption power, the second and third tier cities are rising rapidly, and the marketing power of the park to consumers is continuing to ferment and upgrade, and the growth rate is far higher than that of the first-tier cities. Whether it is a single machine or connection, have this feature, happy Dalian Line, naturally can let the park go further.

    This ranking is expected to surprise all. Jiangmen, Changzhou, Langfang, successfully ascended the three-A, squeezed out all the first-line, new first-tier city stores, become the brightest new star. The increase directly doubled, performance is not vulgar, can be called rare!

    Soon will enter the golden period of gold nine silver ten, the festival, the holiday many, is the park marketing one of the important operas. With a happy Dalian line of paving and support, looking forward to park performance has more dazzling achievements!

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