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  • "The Sky Tower," an epic explosive, is about to arrive at the park, where the coin-tat ticket machine is sucking money

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    1200 Mints The first multi-fold more push more harvest creative play, the game is more playable. One more dollar, and the next second maybe the tower of 1200 will be knocked down. Giant towers continue to rebuild, and continue to push down, a double stimulation of pleasure, cool! My world I decide, whether to create or to subvert, to create how high, how fast to destroy, all by my control.

    The theme of the push-in tower This is a new concept of a push-tower mechanical lottery machine, around the theme of the coin tower, the highest 1200-dollar giant coin tower, a pillar of the sky, shocked attention. With the coin as the bright spot, intuitively attracts, is loved by the player, lets the coin quantity have the big increase.

    15,000 custom steel coins The whole machine all steel coins are exclusive custom, different from the common paradise token, the texture is more pure, the sound quality is more thorough, the visual, the hearing effect is magnified, brings the body and mind comfortable game body feeling. The 15000 steel coins ensure the smooth operation of the machine, and optimize the operation mechanism of the steel coin, make the whole system more simple and efficient, and effectively reduce the failure rate of the mechanical lottery machine.

    The Three Great Mages Yellow is a mage gold coins, noble rich, steel coins into the yellow grid, will be awarded gold coins; Blue is a lottery elves, smart free, steel coins into the blue grid, can get lottery awards; Red is the god of the sky, passionate and unrestrained, gold coins, lottery tickets, coin towers are obtained by chance.

    All-age attributes A long-lost event," Sky Tower "was a layer of onlookers, waiting in line for the game players, unprecedented patience. Parents, children, adults, women, lovers, passers-by... Join the waiting camp just for a try.

    Game play Main Game 1. Operation button to grasp the swing direction, keys to launch tokens; 2. Tokens fall into the corresponding position of the 7 lattices to receive a corresponding reward or no reward Accumulated lights 1. If the turntable lights of each color are just in the advanced (i.e. upward) position, you can add a accumulator lamp and get the reward corresponding to the accumulator lamp. Set up a total of 5 cumulative, you can get the highest award. 2. Yellow Lattice (Lights)- Obtain tokens and put them into a push 3.Red Lattice (Lights)- Get a lot of lottery tickets, full of party time to open the Mint 4. Blue Lattice (Lights)- Winning Lottery Awards Coin Tower When all the red lights are lit, enter the Mint Party game time During the party time, the player launches tokens, and when the tokens enter the character's lattice, they can get a chance to start the coin tower turntable, and the more tokens they enter, the more times. 3.After the end of the party time, the coin tower turntable starts, the turntable is marked with various tokens, the number in the ball represents the number of coins added to the coin tower, and every 6 coins will be stacked 1 layer higher, such as turning to the 24 to indicate the increase of the coin tower 4 layers. 4. If you win a diamond, that is, the chance of winning the Super Awards, you can win the Super Awards when the five diamonds are lit up. When the number of turntables is used up, the turntable ends, the coin tower is pushed to the push plate, and the game will send a lot of tokens to accelerate the advance of the coin tower. You can get a lot of lottery rewards by pushing down the coin tower.

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